May 21, 2010

Theme Days

I think that it will be easier for me to remember to write if I come up with theme days (i.e. Friend Friday, Tutorial Tuesday, etc.). I don't want to do what everyone else is doing. So I've been trying and raking my brain to come up with my 'own" days.

I asked yesterday on my twitter what I should do, with no response. So far I have Memory Monday, where I write about one of my favorite childhood (or momhood) memory, and others post theirs. Memory Monday might also have sub themes (favorite trip to the park, favorite meal by mom, favorite bed time story, etc.). Tuesdays I was thinking some sort of Tip for You Tuesday. Pretty much mom's would post one of their best tips for things you don't find out about until it happens to you (such as when I needed help with horrid diaper rash [mixing gold bonds powder and vaseline works wonders] ) and others can post their latest "new knowledge." Not sure about that one, or if others will like it or not. Wordy Wednesday will be for me to either discuss the book I've been reading or possibly display something I've written (that stuff I pass off as poetry) or just Kinzey's new words, and the short stories Houston's starting this summer. Thursdays I will be participating in Tot School and Twilight Thursdays with other bloggers. I wlil also continue to join New Friend Friday (although I haven't been up to snuff there in a few weeks).

I also need to create a blogroll, separate about me pages and start learning how to add labels properly. I also *ahem* want to completely redo my blog layout design. But baby steps!

Anyway, I'd really like to hear some feedback on what ya'll think about all this. Comments are always welcome!


Misty said...

Thanks for visiting. I'll be coming back to check out your daily themes. I was also trying to think of fun themes to get me going. Hope it helps you!


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