March 21, 2011

Chicken Baja Tacos



Remember how I said I made some super easy, but extremely tasty Chicken Baja Tacos? Check here for a reminder.

Well, hubby REALLY liked them, and requested them Friday night. I had my first softball game (hence the outfit), and we didn’t eat until after. So quick was necessary.

Instructions: (You might want those huh?)

Gather all ingredients: canned chicken (we were really hungry so we used four cans and still have left overs), fresh cilantro, lime juice, feta cheese, and tortillas. If you want some spice use Tabasco(like) sauce. Remember to take lots of pictures till your seven year old gives you that smile above. It’s the “I’m only smiling cause you said to, now take the darn picture” Smile. Love you too hooter!


Drain chicken and pour into large mixing bowl. Pour some lime juice in (no measuring here probably around a tablespoon worth). Pinch of cilantro and mix into chicken. Do this, till it looks about evenly mixed (more for spicier). We use a wooden spoon to break the chunks of chicken up to make it more shredded. You can use any type of chicken here, so if you want to cook some chicken and use it, that works too.


After the cilantro, start crumbling some feta cheese in. Not too much, just some to be mixed in. Put the entire bowl into microwave. I’d try it for 30 second intervals until the meat is heated through. Start warming up tortillas however you choose. We do them on the stove and make them puffy. Explain once again to your two year old that food needs time to cook.


Spoon chicken mix into the middle of the tortilla, add more feta and now’s the time for Tabasco sauce. Try not to eat too many! They’re addictive!


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