March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! And a “tutorial”

So it’s here! For those that decorate for today and make a special meal, kudos to you! I’m lucky if I remember to put green on, lol!

So I did pack Kinzey a special treat for her today. And I’ll even tell you how, in case you want to throw something special in with lunch (or breakfast) today.


You only need cheerios (any plain kind), green food coloring, and if you want to add sprinkles those, too (I did).

Pour your cheerios into a bowl or cheerio holder as pictured. Then sprinkle five or six drops on top and add sprinkles now, if desired. Shake or stir depending on your container.


Open and tada!


Ask your two year old what color they are. Hopefully, they’ll light up like Kinzey did and say “GREEN!”


And just because this post was kind of crappy…here’s a cute pic of the family being lazy:



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