March 30, 2011

Hello Neighbor!

So for The Shine Project, the first challenge was to bake something and take it to a neighbor you don’t know and introduce yourselves. This works out since about two months ago (probably more) we had some new neighbors move in right next door. We’ve never introduced ourselves, and vice versa.
It’s slightly rainy yesterday when I did the project. I had some Ready to Bake cookie dough (cause I’m not the best baker in the world.) Houston and I popped them into the oven, tried to set my phone/timer which froze.
Proceeded to “overbake” said Ready to Bake cookies.
Let the slightly “overbaked” cookies cool off.
I figured a pretty platter *might* make up for them being slightly “overbaked.”
For a non-baker like me, these are NOT burnt.
I will admit that I was very nervous going over there. For one I didn’t have my “talkers” with me. Kinzey was down for a nap, and Aaron was at work; it was up to me to speak. Houston did go with me, and we are happy that we delivered them. Hopefully, our new neighbors understand my stuttered “Welcome, sorry for not saying hello sooner. I’m not a baker” speech.



A Nest in the Making said...

Good for you!

I had such high aspirations of meeting all of our neighbors when we first bought our house. I thought I would bake cookies for everyone new coming in, and become fast friends with everyone on the block.

Needless to say, that didn't happen. I know a few of my neighbors, but really just their names (if even that).

Good for you for going out there and welcoming them!

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