March 5, 2011

What we really ate

Tuesday: Chicken baja Tacos
Kinzey helped me make this dinner and it was super easy, too! I'll have to do a recipe post about this next time we make it!
Wednesday: Chicken Fried Venison and Navy Beans

I made grease gravy! First time to not burn it or end up with lumpy stuff! It was soo good! This entire meal took about an hour (plus beans in crock pot) to make and about .025 seconds to disappear. I think they liked it!

Thursday: Salmon Croquettes Jason's Deli

I went to yoga at 6:30, and hubby worked out while I was in the class. Neither of us felt like cooking after that.

Friday: Taco Salads

Even though I forgot to buy the taco bowls because well, did you read my things to never do? I forgot them, okay? Hubby still picked some up while he was at work and made this for us!

Saturday: Date Night

Well, it's tonight and I still don't know what we are going to do. We do have a soccer game, birthday present shopping (HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY GREGGORY! CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR PARTY TOMORROW!), cars and coffee (hubby's teamdriven stuff), and laundry on the agenda for today.
I also need to post tot school from this week, but was having trouble with pictures and such this week, sorry about that!


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