March 23, 2011

Tot School

We started off a new section of Tot School: Stories of the Bible

I read the children a story from the bible each night, but I don’t know how much they take away from it. So to incorporate more biblical teachings we’ll be doing crafts or activities associated with the bible.

To start off, we went with a simple youtube video watching. Kinzey liked shouting out the day we were on and what she was seeing appear.

Bible Story Series: Genesis The Creation of the World

Kinzey loves videos, so I knew this would be an easy way to start.


After the video we played with her puzzles for a bit with color matching. She has so much fun with anything active and where she can yell out what she is wanting. She is often taking over the teaching, once I show or ask her through the first round she starts asking me instead.


After matching the colors up, we got up and placed them on the floor. I would call out a color and she would stand on it. Once she got tired of that, I had her bring me the colors as I called them out.


I’d say it was a success. Hopefully, we’ll do letters and sight words later on this week.

I’m also excited to announce that 1+1+1=1 has new tot school activity sheets, so be prepared to see those start showing up!

Tot School


A Nest in the Making said...

Hey Cris! Guess what!? I just now saw the comment you left me 2 months ago about your calendar. I did get your facebook message about the post, so I did get your information eventually.

But I'm sorry I didn't get back to you... I always assumed that I would be notified if I got a message (even though I never set up the notifications...)! oops!

Our Country Road said...

I have not seen the videos on youtube-I'll have to check those out! Thanks for the tip!

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