March 26, 2011

Priority Organization

In order to keep my outlook on my life from going to the "dark side" I need to write my priorities down, instead of just "knowing" them. It helps keep everything in perspective for me over here.
1. Spending time with God-I've noticed more and more that if I fail to do this, I am depressed, stressed, grumpy, and just flat out mean. It's like those first five minutes of being woken up rudely, but all the time. No God time, watch out!
2. Husband-He is my everything (except of course for number one). We need to make sure that we come first. yes, even before the children. That is the way God intended it.

3. Children-Of course they come in almost second here. I am to show them the way to Christ, to ensure their futures, to show them love and understanding. Notice that I am not one of my top three priorities? I need to constantly remind myself that others come first.

4. Family/Friends-The rest of my support system comes fourth. The only way to get support is to give support. Otherwise trust and security cannot be built.

5. Education-I believe that by getting a higher education I am not only promising our family a better future, but providing my children an example. Hopefully, they will one day look up to me for finishing my dreams of a college education. This also covers the education I am extending to my children (via tot school or reading together). The smarter they are, the prouder I get of them.

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6. Home-This covers a multitude of items from working to pay bills to keeping it clean and taking pride in it to ensuring that my family and friends always feel welcome. It's not a home without love.

7. This-my blog is for me. Mostly. I hope to continue expanding, to continue to gain the insight I get from writing it all out. The release this provides helps maintain my sanity. It also gives me some alone time, some great friendships, and something to show my grandchildren one day.

8. Family time-The moments I get with the family, when there isn't something that has to be done (soccer games, car shows, cleaning, visiting other family) are precious, and very sparse. I love our active lifestyles, but we don't get as much quite time together as I wish we did. We use this down time to pray together, to discuss hopes and dreams, to express concerns or encourage change in each other.

9. Health-This one is pretty far down on the list but is still very important. The older I get the more I realize my lifestyle choices are not just affecting me, but my children. I want long healthy happy lives for us all!

10. Charity-I have a wealth of things. Those things are not money, but my time, my expertise, my physical body. I need to make being charitable a priority, as God calls us to help those in need.

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