March 16, 2011

Inside Hubby’s dresser

Please excuse the first set of pictures. My camera was dead, so I thought I’d try out the camera feature on my video camera…not so good.

Anyway, I finally got around to organizing and decluttering the husband’s dresser.


The top is still cluttered, but it’s his idea of clean, so it’s okay with me! We share his sock drawer, because we share socks!



His underwear drawer wasn’t too bad, but still needed to be gone through. Here is my big pile of go through socks. I took each one and put each sock on my hand to find holes. Then tossed the ones that had them!


Then the video camera died! Grrr. So no pictures of the rest of my process. Anyway time for some afters:


Seperated by color, and mine are all at the back of the drawer.


His underwear drawer. Seperated by type and size. Plus his long socks.


His pajama/workout shorts. By the type they are and the last row is the stack I like to grab to wear.


Here’s his swim trunks and cargo shorts. Plus the one sweater he owns.


Lastly, we have his pajama pants and work out pants.

Phew! I think it was harder to create the post than it was to actually organize it!


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