March 7, 2010

Happy First Birthday Greggory!

So today we celebrated my nephew's first birthday.

The weather wasn't exactly perfect for Shetland pony rides or playing outside, so the party (sans horse) moved inside. Greggory made a mess of himself with cake and opened a ton of presents.

Then enjoyed the $12 tent with tunnel with his cousins.

He's growing up so fast. Just looking at him at 12 months shows me how much Kinzey has grown as well.

It's so cute to see these little milestones in the childrens' lives' around me, but it makes me know time is slipping by so quickly. Houston is writing sentences, Kinzey can find her own shoes, I have to start doing now what I want to finish in the future.

I'm asking myself, "What would make my future self happy?"


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