January 31, 2011

21 Day Organization Challenge 18 and Challenge 20 and then some! (Part Two)

Challenge 18-Mementos

Challenge 20-Pictures

This weekend I officially finished the 21 Day Challenge! I'm so happy I kept it up and went through every challenge! Not only has it organized my house (still have things to do, but WAY better than before), it's accumulated so more people to my blog and a few friends along the way. Hello new followers!
To finish up my Cabinet Organization I had the area above my desk and the area above the tv. Those two spots were held specifically for my sewing supplies and my, um, scrapbook/mementos/photos.

Top circle on fireplace is sewing supplies. The one on the couch is photos/mementos.
I didn't get a lot of pictures of during my organization for this one. I was being lazy, sorry!

Here are the afters (or the nows, anyway):

This is above my desk. The brown and black milk crates hold extra fabric separated by cotton/blank tshirts and felt/tulle.The green baskets hold supplies (the one you can't see inside, which is organized by baskets), the bottom green is needs mending, and the top hold all the ties I have. Then just an empty sewing machine case.

This is all of our printed pictures. The numbered ones are all of our wedding images, the blank ones beside it are all hubby's nascar images (one race). The Sears envelope holds all "professional pictures"

The blue box holds mine and hubby's mementos, the pink holds the kiddo's mementos.

Extra picture frames live in front of the picture box.
I'll be purchasing in the near future two cute binders to start memory binders for the kids. I'll also be purchasing these to help keep that area organized.

Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbook Storage Box, Black
Two of these to replace the boxes I have now for mementos.
Side Load Desk Tray, Steel Mesh, 14-1/4"x9-1/2"x3-1/2", Black
Inbox for children's memory entries.
Photo Box in Black with White Floral Pattern by Pioneer Photo Albums
This to replace the box for photos.
So here is the before (well the after I pulled everything out photo, see all the before images here):

And the afters:

(Part One)


Anonymous said...

Great job organizing! Time for me to get off here and do the same thing...

Samantha said...

Just found you on the website Organising with Sandy. Looks like you are doing the same as me. I am following you now. I look forward to seeing your progress. Would love it if you would follow me too at www.anorganisedmum.blogspot.com
From Sam

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