January 14, 2011

21 Day Organization Challenge Nine

Challenge Nine: Toys

So as I previously stated, our toys were pretty organized. So I decided to let the little terror out.

Ironically, she is cleaning her kitchen.

This was behind her.

I was in for it.

This now holds her play jewelry (I want to get her a standing jewelry box that she will later use for real jewelry).

Dress up clothes and shoes. Bubba's sports bag.

Kids shoes, and Kinzey's clothes (that is now labelled).

Reading corner with a basket of dress up items (purses, crowns, etc.).

In order: Kitchen Items, Cars, Legos, Puzzles (all labeled now).

She's playing with her princess dress up dolls and Littlest Pet shop stuff.

Behind her is Bubba's toys and their miscellaneous toys.
Not too shabby. Kids room is almost finished now. Just need some wall decorations. Any suggestions for boy/girl decorations?

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